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   R E V I E W S

"...Great sounding all the way around!!  My tunes  always go up a notch! ...Inventive, intuitive and musical ......"  Greg Wolllen.   


"....I have worked with Tim in the Studio on several occasions...I hire him remotely from my L.A. studio because of his amazing drum tones, feel, and musical instincts...Jesse Ernster


".....Tim is an outstanding drummer and percussionist....he regularly plays with a wide variety of well respected artists, both live and in the studio...Tim gets the big picture of music which is also what makes him a great producer, arranger, and teacher...."  Ben Gowell

-CCV Church, Michael W. Smith, Sara Groves

".....Tim listens...experiments.  He coached me towards an authentic developement and evolution of my artistry....with 7 top 30 radio singles later, he's my #1 go to player"  Brian Bates

-Independent singer/songwriter

"....Tim is so good at interpreting the needs of the artist and producer he's working with.  He's very interested in the nuance of the material he's contributing to.  He's quick and accurate....easily a go-to choice for a diverse palette of sounds..."   Christopher Furst

-Producer/recording & mixing engineer Studio 65

"....Tim displays a great deal of patience, compassion.... and an extremely high level of expertise in all aspects of drumming and percussion....."  Jim Detloff

-Glory Guitars 

"....Tim is a rock solid drummer who is, uniquely, the master of many styles....he's diligent and always prepared.....and has computer knowledge (for creating loops) that many other players don't posess in their skill you know why he's the first-call drummer for my group, The Elements...."  Sara Renner

-Singer, songwriter, recording artist.  

"....As a drummer, Tim has the mindset of a producer, specializing in sounds that fit the song and inspire the songwriter.... his instincts for rhythmic cohesion, as well as painting cinematic imagery, make the material come alive for the listener.  Of course, none of that compares to his conviction and determination to his client's art, to fulfill their vision...."   Brian "Snowman" Powers 



"....Tim is a gifted drummer, percussionist and and an all around skilled musician...his approach as a producer is coming from being an artist himself, which makes him very empathetic towards those he works with... he will go the extra mile to ensure that you have the highest caliber of production for your budget. Everything about him broadcasts excellence in his work!"     Tara B  

-independant singer/songwriter

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