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Full Spectrum Tracks (FS tracks), is ideal for any producer or artist who needs great sounding and affordable drum tracks.  Sometimes schedules, practicality, time limitations or budgets can be major roadblocks in the creative process. I'm able to provide great sounding drum tracks quickly. As a drummer and producer, I bring more than 40 years of  musical experience to the table. Experience that will help you reach your production goals.


Tim Zhorne is a professional drummer, percussionist, producer and educator who offers 40 years of experience as a performing artist. Tim provides the full spectrum of skills required for studio and live performance.  From drum kit and percussion tracks to the design of distinctive loops, samples and sound color, his inspired contributions to all manner of projects are highly sought after.

Tim’s session work resume includes many artists such as:   Ricky Peterson, Jesse Ernster, Irv Williams, Debbie Duncan, Peter Schimke, Rick Barron, Billy McLaughlin, Bobby Peterson, Danny Sunde, Erica West, Sara Renner, Brian Bates, Lizzy Rain, Brian “Snowman” Powers, Jon Herchert, LuAnn Lee, David Haas, Steve Noonan,  Jim Brown, Robert Branch, Greg Wollan, Craig T Olson, Peder Eide, Brian Bates, Esther Roby, Stephanie Pauline, Pat Balder, Jeffery Bailey, Sara Renner, Small City Trio, Kim Brown, Melanie Olson, Joe Rogness, Jeffrey Sutherland, KC Gospel Orchestra, The Songtet, Carol Z, Andrew Brown, Ben Gowell, Nate Sabin, Pat Balder, Michael Olson, Clayton Mitchell, Nate Oyloe, Nikki Frizzell, David Barry, Lee Her, Kelly Rossum, Tim Quarberg, Jodi Montgomery, Craig Schumacher, Blowzone, Bob Huff, Lloyd Garrelts, Jeff Ray, Compass Entertainment, Augsburg Press, ProMedia, Janelle Guitelli, Harmony LaBeff, Michael Hensley, Isuiz, Amelia Eskelson, and Tara B to name a few.


Live performances include tours, festivals and clinics with artists such as:   Sara Renner, Wessell “WarmDaddy” Anderson, Jeremy Walker, Ted Nash, Michael O’Brien, Peter Vircks, Connie Evingson, Cookie Coleman, Chris Lomheim, Laura Caviani, Doug Little, JoAnn Funk, Christine Rosholt, Melody Mendis, Jeff Dayton, Kevin Gastonguay, The Small City Trio, Songtet, Reuben Ristrom, Dave Karr, Nachito Hererra, Chris Beaty, Steve Noonan, Lucia Newell, NOWnet jazz orchestra, Eric Gales, Dan Ristrom and the Throwndown, Brian Bates, Staci Frenes, Joe Rogness, Cory Wong, Peder Eide, Brian Duncan, Jonathan Thulin, Caleb Hawley, Make Me Smile, Ali Washington and the Movement, Timotha Lanae, Brian “Snowman” Powers, Dizzy, The Blue Water Kings, Aimee Fischer, ALS, The Irresistibles, Davina and the Vagabonds, Acoustic Roots, Spyrograph, Sheila Ray Charles, Brian Naughton, Redpath, Jearlyn Steele, Maurice J. Cox, Cynthia Johnson, JB and the Routine, The Prophets of Soul, Power of 10, The Killer Hayseeds, Brent Paschke, MJ Kroll, Rene Austin, Jodi Sellers, Andrew Brown, Ashleigh Still, Caitlyn Smith, Cate Fierro, Ryan Daniel, Jeff Ray, The Modd Squad, Northcoast, Bruce Henry, Synergy, Alicia Wiley, Jason Gray as well as many others. 

As producer/arranger, Tim has worked with a wide range of artists and has proven results across a full spectrum of musical environments that keep him in-demand. 

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